Revolution Luxury Powder | Banana

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So, if you follow me on instagram, you’d be aware that i promised my followers a review on the Revolution Luxury Setting Powder in Banana. If you don’t follow me on gram already, then what are you waiting for? Getting following girls!

Moving on, I have heard a lot about the Ben Nye Banana powder, but have never got round to trying it out, though i’ve heard mixed reviews. Couple of days i go, i was in Superdrug’s waiting in the queue to pay for my stuff whilst browsing around the shelves as you do, i came across the Revolution Luxury Powder in Banana, i have always been tempted to try out the Ben Nye, so i thought why not give this one a try.

IMG_7071The Revolution Luxury Powder is a setting powder with a hint of yellow colour, it’s very light weight and mattifying that aids in reducing the shiny areas of your face, whilst preventing your foundation/concealer from creasing. Since it’s yellow in colour it perfectly hides any visible veins and and under eye dark circles, giving your under eye a brighter look. It also works well in correcting any redness of the skin and pretty much hides any blemishes.

It is a finely milled powder that is soft to the skin and blends perfectly , whilst giving you a bright yet flawless finish, without giving a cakey affect. I would actually like to say that this is a perfect dupe for the Ben Nye but after having read some of the reviews for Ben Nye a lot of people complained about it not being fine in texture. Though i won’t judge the product, till i have tried it myself.

This powder is perfect for a girl like me who has warm skin tone, if you’re on the fairer side, this maybe a bit too yellow for you. But not to worry as Revolution has introduced an alternative to the banana powder, the Revolution Baking Powder Lace, that is a neutral light pink, which blends really well with lighter skin tones.

In terms, of packaging, it can get a little messy as the lid is quite small in size for you to be able to tip out some powder and dab your beauty-blender or brush, otherwise i have absolutely no complaints.

I have to say i am in love with this setting powder, it’s amazing, does the job perfectly and last but not the least it’s cheap and cheerful, just £5, like c’mon you can’t go wrong.

Hope you enjoyed this review.

Till next time… ✌🏼

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