Three Most Favourite Scents

Hey Sweet-peas,

Hope everyone’s having a blessed day.

So, just like makeup and shoes, a girl can never have enough perfumes. I feel like it’s so essential for not just females, but also males to smell good. I mean, there’s nothing more attractive then a gentleman walking past you, wearing a good perfume that blows away your senses, making you wanna purchase the same one for your husband. Bet you didn’t see that coming, right? 😛

Today i’m going to take you through a couple of my favourite perfumes that i have to have on my pretty looking perfume tray, what my husband calls a ‘Thaal’ (indian metal plate), but it’s just so pretty and perfect to have all my perfumes on, making it look very chic and elegant.


I’m going to begin with the perfume that is my most favourite and at the same time very special to my heart, just that specific bottle. It’s 30ml bottle that has lasted me crazy 9 years, yep, i’ve been quite stingy with it, but every time i use it, it takes me down memory lane. This perfume was gifted to me by husband who was then my boyfriend back in 2009. This was the first ever gift he had bought me, so you can imagine the sentiments.

Okay Mahvi, cut out the cheesiness and suspense, just name the perfumes now.’

That special perfume is Gucci Flora, it’s such a romantic and utterly feminine fragrance, very uplifting. With top notes of citrus mandarin accord and peony and base notes of pink pepper and sandalwood. It smells absolutely divine, like i could literally bath in it.


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, need i say much about this oriental and beauty of a fragrance. This perfume signifies a true essence of a bold yet confident woman with a strong personality. The kind of scent that will have people turning head. It’s a long lasting perfume just one spray of it has you smelling absolutely divine the whole day, just perfect if your out on a date. You can see in the picture below, there’s barely any left in the bottle.


Moving on to next one, Paco Rabanne, Lady Million, a beautiful diamond shaped bottle, symbolises femininity, fits well with the phrase ‘diamonds are girls best friend.’  This is my all time favourite, very seductive and sensual scent with a trial of white flowers that awakens the skin with fresh notes. It consists of an intimate warm woody scent, along with sexy patchouli that lingers, smelling sexy all day long.


I have a few other favourites which i shall be sharing with you beautiful people, in the meanwhile these three are my top favourite perfumes.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time my lovelies. x

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