Getting out of hand…

Hey lovely people,

Hope you’re all having a great summer, while i’m busy shifting into my new home.

So, the topic of discussion today is quite touchy, yet something that needs to be addressed in order to raise awareness. Talking of awareness, I have been seeing and hearing the word ‘anxiety’ quite frequently nowadays. It’s like the rate of people suffering from anxiety is increasing by the day, or maybe people are just becoming more vocal about what used be a taboo topic. How few years ago people didn’t feel comfortable discussing with the fear of their problems not being understood or being judged. I think it’s great, that this topic is put out there for discussion for greater awareness, and for the sufferer its another way of coping with anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are easily compared by some, but let me tell you, they are not the same. Being stressed can be dealt with certain changes in lifestyle, it doesn’t stop you from focusing on yourself, on your life and on your energy. Whereas, anxiety is a mental illness and has a great impact in ones personal and professional life, making it really difficult to deal with. It is normal to get anxious and worried about stuff time to time, but it can get out of proportion, resulting in feeling sense of helplessness, pressure, irrational fear, confusion and lack of confidence, which in turn starts to interfere with your daily life. This is what defines anxiety and for many people anxiety is endless, always lurking on the edge.

Anxiety doesn’t only affect one mentally but it also has physical and emotional effect, a certain situation or fear of something can trigger intense anxiety, although triggers are different for different people. For some it could simply be being in public, in big crowds, communicating with someone, be it face-to-face or over the phone, whilst having the fear of being judged or humiliated and developing phobias, for example, using lifts and elevators, travelling on a train; making it difficult to breath. Just simple tasks can become the most difficult tasks in the world for anxiety sufferers.

Nowadays youngsters from school, college and university are heard to suffer from anxiety , makes you think why that is so? Sometimes the pressure of education and parents high expectations gets the best of you, causing you to feel under pressure or having the fear of not achieving as expected. The fear of failure tends to sabotage the chances of success, leading to disappointment and threat to the level of motivation. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions and can strongly affect your mind and body but we need to learn to face our fears rather than avoiding them, because we’re stronger than that.

Sometimes setting high goals in life is another one. Life is inevitable and can throw curveballs, thus trying to force unrealistic situations can sometime result in failure causing you to loose confidence within yourself, not to say you shouldn’t expect good things in life but sometimes our expectations can be sky high and can eventually run low, leading to self- blame, self criticism and judgment. Therefore, learn to take small steps, one at a time, set yourself goals that you know is realistically achievable for you and slowly and gradually make your way up. If you find it difficult be vocal about it, there is no shame in that.

In todays day and age, the world is dictated by social media whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more. The number of likes and comments you get on a post makes social media a great source of addiction for many. One of the main causes of anxiety through social media is the feeling of not being content with ourselves and our lives as we scroll through our phones admiring the idealised version of our friends/relatives/ celebrities online life, creating unrealistic expectations and low self-esteem especially for females. We need to come to realisation that those people behind the screen posting dreamy pictures on Instagram are normal people like us who live normal lives, in fact who knows what goes on in their life behind those screens. So, rather than focusing on those people, focus on making your life better.

Don’t let anxiety dictate your life, let you dictate anxiety for a better life and well being.

That’s my take on anxiety.

I hope this post was helpful and informative.

Till next time my loves. x

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