High-end Face Mask |Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Hey beautiful people,

How are we all doing today? Hope everyones having a blessed day. I’m back yet again with another review.

So, since summer has come around and the sun is shining, the golden beams are radiating heat with all the goodness of vitamin D and giving us that lovely tanned skin. While some of us are having to deal with blocked pores, blackheads, blemishes, acne or maybe you’re just looking to give your skin a good ol’ deep cleanse, something to purify and refresh your skin and bring back that summer glow.

As the title suggests, I shall be reviewing the highly requested Glamglow – Supermud Clearing Treatment, So, without further a do, lets get straight into it.


Bit of my good old background..

I used to work at Marks & Spencers as a beauty consultant when i first came across this product. At first this mask didn’t excite me much, until we were all given samples to test the product.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment is a clay mask containing ‘Activated – X charcoal’ that aids in eliminating dirt, oil, congestion and impurities resulting in pores looking redefined. It also contains AHA and BHA acid, providing chemical exfoliation, facilitating the removal of dead and damaged surface cells, whilst encouraging rejuvenation of the skin and giving the skin that instant glow.

It’s a great product for some one with oily skin type, however for someone like me who has a combination skin with oily T-zone and dryness around the cheek area, i only tend to apply this mask on my T-zone, avoiding the dry areas of my skin.

Disclaimer: If you are someone that suffers from excessive dry/sensitive skin or/are suffering from a skin condition, such as eczema or psoriasis, i personally wouldn’t recommend this product as the AHA & BHA acids may irritate your skin further.

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The application of this mask is pretty simple, you only require a thin layer all over the face (of course, avoiding the eye area), either with a brush or the old school way of using fingers, leaving it on for 10-20 mins, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. I love that the mask dries super fast, you may feel tightning of the skin and notice tiny dots, especially around the nose area, nothing to worry about, it just indicates extraction of impurities from the most effected areas of the skin. Once it’s ready to be removed, wash with luke warm water, by gently rubbing in circular motions to reveal the beautifully refreshed skin.

Ultimately,  this mask can be used as a spot treatment, it works effectively in minimising the appearance of blemishes and pimples whilst fighting toxins.

First impression and the final verdict:

So, after the first use, my skin looked and felt good, very soft, supple and refreshed. By the second use, my pores started looking much smaller in size, minimising the appearance of blemishes, i felt like it gave a natural glow to my skin.

Overall, I think this is a great product for when your skins looking dull, just quick application of this mask will give you an instant sexy ‘Hollywood Glow’ as they call  it. I only use this mask once a month, depending on the condition of my skin. This is probably another product that I’m going to add to the list of my HOLY GRAIL products. In fact it’s so good that even my Husband uses it, it’s perfectly suitable for men and women both.

Talking of price, its £44, it is definitely on the pricier side but its worth every penny it costs. You won’t regret buying this product.

Lets get glowing, my beautiful people.

Till next time beauts. x

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