That Dress…

Hey Loves,

Today’s blog post is something completely off topic, nothing beauty related but about something special to me.

So, we’re going back 30 odd years from now, when my existence was unknown to the universe. Nope, I’m not that old yet..just saying. This oversized piece of silk fabric, fuchsia in colour with subtle gold printing and satin finish, very plain and ordinary yet pretty enough to catch ones eye.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
Hand Embroidered Veil

This piece was hand-stitched together with immense love and excitement to form the most gorgeous dress. This dress is no ordinary dress, it’s a dress that holds a lot of meaning, a lot memories and a lot of emotions. It’s a dress that no one can replace no matter what. This dress is a wedding dress that was beautifully worn by a lovely lady, whom i call my mother.

Mother on her big day

It’s been 3 decades since this dress came into existence and touched my mothers skin. Three decades later ‘this dress’ is still as fresh as a piece of apperal from a boutique and till this day it steals the show.

Excuse the lighting!

You guessed it right, that’s me in my beloved mothers wedding dress, simply gorgeous and what a privilege to be able to experience this moment. It’s amazes me how safe and sound my mom kept it, for it to look as new as it must’ve been when she first wore it.

I actually wish i had worn this on my big day, but we were in such a rush, it just didn’t cross our mind. Until one day, mother decided to release this dress from the back of her wardrobe, all wrapped up in a white cloth to avoid it from getting dirty/damaged and said in urdu ‘yeh kissi ko de deti hu ab, meray kis kaam ka’ – (‘i think it’s about time i give this away to someone, it’s of no use to me’). Being a daughter, these things are special to our heart and there was no way I was going to let her do that. Instead I took the outfit with me to Pakistan and wore it at a family wedding, where everyone was left in awe. Probably the day where i got the most compliments at how lovely the dress looked and the colour.

I felt like a Barbie doll! P.s. I’m going to keep this dress and In shaa Allah (God willing) when i have a little princess, i will pass this on to her. ☺️

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time my lovelies. x

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2 thoughts on “That Dress…

  1. The piece is written so beautifully. What can I say about the dress, it is mesmerizing and I cannot take my eyes off this stunning dress.

    Love this blog !!!!! ❤

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