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Hello my Lovelies, Hope ya’ll doing great.

So, lets get straight into the review of the day.

Talking of concealers, I personally think they play a huge part during the process of makeup application. It’s almost like the heart of all makeup products. Wouldn’t you agree? Especially when it’s the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.

The most trending and talked about concealer yet. From YouTube reviews to Instagram blog posts and many other social media platforms, where this product has been raved about, over and over again, and GUESS WHAT!?! Thats exactly what i’m here to do today…


Bit of a background…

I first came across the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in a Youtube video by a famous YouTuber and fitness influencer Bodmonzaid. There are several videos, where she’s used this concealer and not a single negative word was said.

Do check her out guys!

I was due to travel for a wedding and was in search of a ‘good concealer.’ I purchased several concealers, from high-end to drug-store concealers, (that i will be discussing in a whole another post) but wasn’t quite satisfied and required something with extra coverage for my not so lovely dark circles. Plus, if you’re South Asian you know the drill, gotta cake it till we make it in these asian weddings.

Into the nitty gritty…

I decided to order the Tart Shape Concealer, but first, I searched around London and couldn’t seem to find it. To my surprise, I recieved the package well in time and couldn’t be more excited. It was nicely wrapped in purple tissue paper. I have to say Tarte cosmetics really does put in an effort when it comes to packaging, cute, colourful yet presentable.

It comes with 10ml of product, in a glass tube, with a chunky doe-foot applicator, probably the only downside, as you end up with way more product than you require. Bearing in mind a little bit goes a long way.

When I ordered the concealer, I wasn’t quite sure of what colour would be best suited for me, as they have a range of colours, so had to take a chance. I ended up ordering the medium shade, that was a wee bit dark but luckily, with the use of setting powder, it looked just perfect.

What do I have to say about the product itself..

Well, first of all, it’s cruelty free, so to all the vegans out there, ya’ll love this.

In terms of texture, it’s beautifully creamy, soft and smooth in application, whilst easily blend-able. Talking of coverage, it gives a full and flawless coverage, concealing my dark circles beautifully, also, any acne scars, pigmentation, redness, even those dreaded pores. It’s hands down long lasting. I’ve had this concealer on for hours at the wedding and kid you not, this product did not budge without a makeup remover. What more can one ask for ey!?!

It’s retail price is £22; worth every penny and can easily be purchased from the Tarte costmetics website itself.

This concealer is a true definition of HOLY GRAIL!

Will i buy this product again and recommend it?

Well duhh! 🤣

That’s enough raving from me.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed this post, much love.

Till next time Sweet Peas. x

by M.

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