Simplistic Skincare Routine

Hey Friends,

This is my very first blog post, excuse me for any mistakes and errors as they say you learn from your mistakes and it only makes you a better and a wiser person. So, here i begin my journey.

I would like begin with my very simplistic skincare routine and the products i use and have been using on a daily basis for a while, nothing too fancy.

Neutrogena 2 in 1 Mask and Wash

Let me tell you, this is a holy grail of a product for my skin, my skin can not go without this product.

The Neutrogena 2 in 1 Mask and Wash, it has a lovely white creamy consistency, which can be used as a soft clay mask on dry skin and/or can be used as a daily face wash that foams really well and doesn’t leave your skin too dry. I love how it is a multi-purpose product and can be used in two different ways. It’s very lightly fragrant, not bothersome, infact it smells refreshing. I use this product every day morning and evening.

This product is particularly useful for someone with oily and acne prone skin. I do have a history of acne and this facewash was one of the first products that was recommended to me along side with other acne treatments.

As a daily wash it effectively removes any dirt, oil and impurities and helps eliminate bacteria to reduce and prevent spots.

As a mask, it’s a soft clay based formula, that helps absorb excess oil and unclogs pores to give your skin deep purification cleanse. You may feel the odd tingling/cooling sensation, but chill, its normal.

End result: Leaving your skin squeaky clean and refreshed.

This product is frequently recommended by dermatologists and can be easily found in all drugstores and supermarkets. It is perfectly affordable.

Retail price at just £4.99.

I would buy this product again and highly recommend this product. 

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner

Toners, I’m not particularly a fan of and i don’t like to use a toner on a regular basis, as it can be pretty drying on the skin.

Nevertheless, i have been using Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner for a while now. I use this toner every other day, twice a day, morning and evening, after having washed my face with the above mentioned face wash. i would use this toner on a cotton pad and gently (not vigorously) rub this all over face avoiding the eye area.

Similar to all the products i have mentioned, this toner is also for acne prone skin and claims to clear skin in 4 hours, Hmmm, i would say otherwise. It does help you achieve a clearer skin for sure, but unfortunately not in the space of 4 hours. It’s not a magic potion… although by claiming the above its portraying to be one. SORRY CLEARASIL!

It is quite fragrant, usually it doesn’t bother me, i tend to like products that smell nice, however this toner, i have to say, smells like i’ve rubbed alcohol all over my face and tends to give me a tingly sensation, but thats how i know it’s working.

Retail Price: £5.85

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Another, holy-grail of a holy grail product, I’m sure you can sense my excitement whilst I write about this post.

As I mentioned earlier I have a history of acne, therefore, have to be very careful with the products I use. I was quite sceptical at first whether to purchase Cetaphil Moisturising Cream or not, even though I heard and read a lot of good reviews, but I wasn’t quite sure how well it would work on my combination skin.

Well hey, hey, to my surprise, this product did every justice to my skin it possibly could. Having moderately oily T-zone this product seemed to balance out my skin. It also aided in getting rid of the dry, itchy patches that I tend to get around my cheeks especially during wintertime. I think it would be safe to say that this is a winter perfect skincare product. However, during summers it can give a bit of natural highlighting around the forehead, nose and chin. I recommend, if your still going to treat this as your primary moisturiser like myself, I would use a small quantity or just avoid the T-zone areas.

This is another product recommended by Dermatologist and is great for anyone who has problem skin, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis prone skin. It has no fragrance and is a non-greasy formulation.

End Result: effectively soothes and softens the skin.

Price: £10.09

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with problematic or non-problematic skin. x

By M.



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